Our Motto:
Excellence In Conceptual Clarity And All Round Development

Aims & Objectives

Believing that each child is unique with inborn talents & potential for growth & development, we ensure that this individuality is encouraged and allowed to blossom by focusing on each child with a personalized touch and care. replica watches The School aims to inculcate an un-compromising passion in each and every child for excellence in whatever is being done.

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The school lays special tress upon giving boost to the individual's aptitude. For this ,various activities are organised. Besides regular features like Sports Activities, Quiz Competetions, Art, Dance, Song, Essay Writting Competetions, Lectures, Debate And Declamations, Magic & Puppet Show Etcimportance is given to enviornmental studies by taking the children on regular visits to Zoo, Parks, museums & other recreationals centres.

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Our Vision & Mission

School Vision

School being a project of All India SBI Officers’ Association, Educational & Welfare Society has a vision to contribute compassionately in the welfare of the society by providing quality education at a subsidised cost taking extra care of the single parented and the underprivileged children, only girl child and children with special needs in an inclusive and congenial atmosphere.

School Mission

By the next two academic session the school shall endeavour to create an environment to inculcate life skills and values as a part of habit and empower the students of all classes in their communicative and interpersonal skills thereby preparing them to become the quality human resources of our society. Developing emotionally smart staff and students so that they reflect the essential values for a meaningful life; to inculcate and enhance the MQ (Moral Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) of the staff and students besides their IQ.

Our Awesome Teachers

SBIOA says outstanding teachers demonstrate a “deep knowledge and understanding of their subject”. Although passion is inspiring, a deep knowledge and understanding of their children is just as important.

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